About Mother’s Love Art Gallery

Mother’s Love Art Gallery displays the immeasurable love and devotional sacrifice of mothers through various forms of artwork and literary pieces.

The Gallery serves as a space to reflect on the motivation of life amidst our hectic lives. By creating an atmosphere of empathy, compassion, and love, our hope is to inspire and heal guests as they reminisce on the unconditional love of their own mothers and realize it’s a reflection of the love felt from heaven.

Hosted by the World Mission Society Church of God, Mother’s Love Art Gallery is the western version of its South Korean counterpart, “Our Mother” Photo and Writing Exhibition, which successfully ran throughout many cities in South Korea since 2013.

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Experience the love that can never be broken with multiple exhibits that depict the immense love and sacrifice of mothers.

Gallery admission is free.

Group Tours

Mother’s Love Art Gallery offers tours to groups of four (4) people or more. To schedule a tour for your company, friends or family, email us at info@

Special Events

Mother’s Love Art Gallery has been hostings various fundraising events to cover the educational expenses of two first-generation college students of the America Needs You fellows program. The two students chosen have expressed how much their mothers served as an inspiration to attain a college education, succeed in life, and with this success, support their family. So come and join us at our next event!

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Thursday, May 10
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May 11 – 17
open from 11AM – 5PM


New Exhibit Explores Origins of Motherly Love

NY1 News 

After starting halfway around the world the Mother’s Love Art Gallery arrived Sunday in Brooklyn for its grand opening. The gallery, hosted by World Mission Society Church of God, started in South Korea in 2013. It includes more than 100 works of photography, paintings, sculpture and literature around the theme of unconditional love and the sacrifice of mothers from various cultures.

Mother’s Love Art Gallery Grand Opening


Heydoyou.com was invited to attend the grand opening of Mother’s Love Art Gallery on last Sunday November 29th. With such hectic lives, Mother’s Love Art Gallery serves as a space to reflect on the motivation for life. Its hope is that visitors are comforted by reminiscing on the love of motherly figures in their own lives and realize it is a reflection of the love felt from heaven.


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