Mother’s Love Art Gallery Grand Opening

GrandOpening08After much anticipation and months of preparation, we finally witnessed the Mother’s Love Art Gallery grand opening. Hoping to achieve as much success here in the U.S. as it did in South Korea since 2013, the Gallery made its debut at the New York Marriott Hotel at the Brooklyn Bridge. More than 2,000 guests poured through the doors of the grand ballroom to view the artwork, all of which displayed the unconditional love and sacrifice of mothers throughout the world.

GrandOpening05The Gallery, hosted by the World Mission Society Church of God, became a beacon of warmth and comfort for the visitors who all shared at least one thing in common: their mothers. In our hectic lives, especially in New York City, sometimes we become so preoccupied with our day-to-day that we even forget about our mothers. At the grand opening, we were able to step out of our routine for a moment and, through the artwork and literary pieces, be reminded of our moms who not only dedicated their lives to their children, but gave up their lives for ours.

As guests entered the Gallery, they first started with the journey of child bearing, then birth, and then the saddening moment when the mother must leave their child behind to go to work. This is something we can all relate with.

With an unseen string quartet playing in the background, it wasn’t too difficult to be transported into a different dimension. Next, guests could view the vanity section. We could see the vanity of a beautiful woman being overtaken by her children’s books. The mother forgets about herself and only dedicates her life to raising her children. She doesn’t realize how much time passes by, without even looking into the mirror.


By Melchizedek Publishing Company

“I have more wrinkles.”
She talks to herself, closely examining her face in the mirror.
She sees the amount of time that has passed by.
Does she even recognize the face looking back at her in the mirror?

Guests viewed section after section, the endless love of mothers for their children, until they came to one particular piece that questioned, “What is the source of a mother’s love?” In the epilogue to a sand animation, the artist beckons the question, “Where did it all begin?”

Mother’s love is amazing.
Though she gives much, it seems to be the same.
Rather, it becomes more.
It doesn’t change or end.
From where did she get this love?

Sometimes, mother must miss her mother,
Because she has received love from her mother, too.
I think that’s the way we inherit love.

My mother received love from her mother,
And her mother received it from her mother…
When we go up,
Can we know the origin of mother’s love?

Understanding from the earth, I look up at the heavens.
Then, I think silently.

The eternal and unchanging love
that must have existed before the creation,
The great maternal love that contains life from eternity.
From the beginning,
Our Mother existed.

After being moved to tears by each of the exhibits, guests had the opportunity to write a postcard to their mothers and also have their picture taken at the photo booth.

Everyone left the art gallery with a renewed sense of appreciation for our moms and with a better understanding of the origin of mothers’ love.


If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the grand opening, be sure to stop by the midtown location.

See the NY1 coverage of the Gallery’s grand opening here.

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